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Fiddlestix - Some Of Our Best CD album cover
Fiddlestix Xperenced Album
Fiddlestix Single "Love Is All Around Us"
Fiddlestix Album " A Fiddle Rock Christmas"
Fiddlestix Album "Our Time Now"
Fiddlestix Live Album
Fiddlestix Album "Rosin Up Your Bow"
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Some Of Our Best

Full LP inlcuding 12 of Fiddlestix's Most Requested Songs!

released 2020

Fiddlestix Album "Some Of Our Best"

Fiddlestix's Newest CD entitled 'Some of Our Best'

 * featuring 12 of the bands most requested songs 

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Fiddlestix's Newest CD entitled 'More Of Our Best'
 * featuring their hit single Apple Moonshine 

Fiddlestix Album "Xperienced"

Fiddlestix Xperienced

All Original (14 track) LP

released 2014

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Fiddlestix - Love Is All Around Us

Proceeds to Autism Awareness

released 2014

Fiddlestix Single "Love Is All Around Us"
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Fiddlestix Album "A Fiddle Rock Christmas"

A Fiddle Rock Christmas

Christmas EP (7 Tracks) in a 'Fiddle Rock' Style

released 2014

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Our Time Now

Full LP - DEMO Release

released 2012

Fiddlestix Album "Our Time Now"
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Fiddlestix LIVE Album "Live at the Blue Goose"

Live @ The Blue Goose

Etobicoke, ON

released 2011

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Rosin Up Your Bow

Full LP

released 2009

Fiddlestix Album "Rosin Up Your Bow"
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